Matras Campingbed 60x120 - Ecus Goli rose

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Oprolbaar matrasje voor het campingbedje. Dit matrasje is vormvast, licht, compact en goed ademend.
Oftewel ideaal voor het campingbed van 60x120cm. 

The Goli travel cot mattress is breathable and doesn’t get bent out of shape. Made of a single seamless piece, it indulges the baby in greater comfort. You can use it both as a cot mattress and travel cot mattress so that your baby doesn’t miss their mattress during vacation. Its 3D material allows for maximum evaporation and breathability. It is a cot mattress with a cover that is removable using a zip around its edge, so washing it is easy and convenient. One side can even be used while the other is being washed.

Afmeting: 60 x 120 x 5 cm
Merk: Ecus kids (spanje)
Kleur: Roze
Afritsbare, wasbare tijk.

Hoeslaken Molton 60x120cm - 100% katoen (Haton / niet biologisch)
Hoeslaken Tencel wit, ecru, licht grijs of donkergrijs (Träumeland)
Hoeslaken Jersey wit - 100% katoen (Träumeland)
Hoeslaken Jersey, ongebleekt biologische katoen (Träumeland)

Specific features


Non-deformable and more breathable. Single piece unit. Seamless for greater baby comfort.


3D fabric allows maximum evaporation and breathability also when the baby is not at home.


With perimeter zip. One side can be used while the other is being washed. Easy-to-wash at home.


Rolled-up with a zip-closing bag.