Wiegmatras Stokke Sleepi Mini - Brise Light

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58,5 x 74 rond

Afmeting: 58,5 x 74 cm rond
Speciaal op maat gemaakt voor de Stokke Sleepi Mini
Dikte: 6 cm
Kern: Koudschuim met ventilatiekanalen
Materiaal tijk: 38 % Lyocell (Tencel®), 28 % polyester, 34 % polyamide.
Merk: Träumeland

- Molton Stretch Badstof Stokke Sleepi Mini (Lokiton) - B-keus
- Jersey wit Stokke Sleepi Mini - 100% biologisch katoen (DK Glovesheets)
- Laken 90x110cm wit (Lokiton)

top model with 3-dimensional air cushion layer, sleep safety mattress cover and high-quality cold foam

sleep safety fabric
quilted with breathable 3D air cushion layer
backing 50% polyester, 50% cotton
removable and washable at 60°C

pressure-relieving cold foam core with vertical ventilation channels


sleep Safety
38% Lyocell (Tencel®), 34% polyamide (nylon), 28% polyester
The unique sleep safety mattress cover has an integrated wetness protection and is highly breathable. Washable at 60°C.

polyester fleece topper
100% polyester
The air captured within this high-loft synthetic hollow fiber gives it good climate managing properties.

A new era in fiber technology began with the development of Tencel®. Tencel® is a cellulose fiber made from wood in an environmentally friendly process that was awarded the European Environmental Prize. Lyocell combines the benefits of many different fibers. It is fine like silk, strong like polyester, easy to care for like acrylic, cool and pleasant like linen, warm like wool and it absorbs 130% more water vapor than cotton.

cold foam
Cold Foam is made of higher-quality raw materials than soft foam. The benefits of cold foam are higher point-by-point elasticity, improved breathability and a longer life.
Air channels and contour cuts improve important factors such as ventilation and point-by-point elasticity significantly.

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